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Let’s face it – Pool tables can be a big pain when it comes to moving.

Whether you own a billiard, own one pool table, or you’ve had one custom built for you.  When it comes to moving them, it’s either going to break you or you’re going to break it.

At NY Couch Surgeon, we specialize in helping Pool Table owners disassemble and reassemble their pool tables to make it easier for moving.

In fact, the only finger you’ll have to lift is the one you’ll use to point us where the pool table is and where you’d like it moved to. Simple!

Our experience in manufacturing high end and custom furniture is our unfair advantage to our “Pool Table Mover” competitors. We simply know how to do it better and faster without causing any damage.

Why You Should Call Us?

  • Avoid costly mistakes done by regular moving companies
  • Avoid getting your pool table damaged
  • Avoid breaking your back
  • Get the peace of mind your pool table will be intact!

We give our clients a ZERO-DAMAGE done to your pool table and property Guarantee!

Let Us Help You Move Your Pool Table!
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