Not Sure How You’ll Get That Upholstery Moved?

Let’s face it! Living in New York is never easy when it comes to moving, specially when you have large and custom upholstery that won’t get through the staircase or fit on that small elevator.

Does this sound familiar:

  • “Be careful, I don’t want that upholstery to get ripped or damaged…”
  • “That upholstery is going to break if you force it through that door…”
  • “Try tilting it this way, it may go down the stairs that way…”
  • “Lets put a blanket under so it doesn’t rip or scratch…”

Dear friend,

Why put your valuable and expensive upholstery through the hassle and risk of damage, when you can have a professional furniture maker come to your door, disassemble & reassemble your upholstery right in front of your eyes and GUARANTEE you there will be ZERO-DAMAGES done to your property and your upholstery?

At NY Couch Surgeon, we strive to give our valued clients peace of mind when it comes to moving their upholstery through tight spaces, small doors, small elevators and tight staircases.

Furniture makers trust us, moving companies trust us, now You can trust us.

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Why You Should Call Now:

  • Avoid damaging your valuable upholstery
  • Avoid damaging your walls and doors
  • Avoid injuring yourself
  • Avoid running into a higher-cost by trying to do it yourself or hire a non-upholstery specialist.

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