Is Your Couch TOO Big To Fit Through The Doors in Long Island, NY, NJ, CT?

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NY Couch Surgeon is here to help!

We’ve helped hundreds of frustrated “Big Couch” owners who’ve had the same problem.

Does any of this sound familiar to you:

  • I just bought a couch, but can’t get it inside my home…
  • I’m moving, but I can’t get the couch out of my home…
  • I want to move the couch upstairs or downstairs, but my staircase is too tight…
  • I am selling my furniture but can’t get it out of my house…
  • I have a custom sofa and it will not get into my building…
  • I don’t want any mover touching my expensive couches, I want a pro couch disassembler/reassembler.

Just like a doctor operates in patients, NY Couch Surgeon takes your couch under surgery to disassemble it, move it, and reassemble it at your desired location.


No couch or sofa has ever been “too big” or “too special” to move.

We can help you move your couches anywhere in Long Island, NYC, NJ, CT, PA.

In fact, we’ve built couches for some of the nations leading furniture designers, and now they trust us to disassemble and reassemble furniture for their clients when they’re having problems moving.

Why Should You Trust Us To Disassemble & Reassemble Your Couch or Sofa?

– We know couches from a couch maker perspective – We used to build them!

– Furniture Designers trust us!

– Movers call us when they can’t move.

– Competitors call us when they screw up!

– We are the only Couch Disassembly & Reassembly company to offer a ZERO-DAMAGE on your furniture and property Guarantee!